Dental Playbox® Parent Programme

Over the last six months we’ve been working in partnership with the University Dental Hospital Manchester to develop a brand new Dental Playbox® Parent Programme. The programme works alongside the children’s sessions with parents to explain the importance of their child’s dental hygiene.

Anastasia’s Story

“I’m Anastasia and I am a 5th Year Dental Student at the University of Manchester.

I first became aware and involved with the Dental Playbox® team following a presentation at a volunteering conference at the University as part of the Social Responsibility Program. The presentation was regarding the development of the Dental Playbox® Parent Programme and I felt very eager to be part of this initiative. As a fourth year dental student at the time, I felt I had begun to really understand the extent of the caries within children in the local area and I felt very passionate about being involved in a preventative programme to help combat this. I also felt that this was an amazing experience to volunteer within the local community, helping me gain an understanding of the impact I could have locally both now, as a student, and also later in my working career.

Dental Playbox® Parent Programme

Anastasia demonstrates the best way for children to brush their teeth.

My first involvement was at the successful National Playday in Torkington Park as well as delivering the presentations to the parents within the primary schools. Both of these opportunities provided me with an excellent experience to develop skills both personally and professionally. The National Playday allowed us to deliver oral health advice to hundreds of people throughout the day, as well as being able to interact with the children and parents in a very different setting.

By delivering the presentations at the school I gained a lot of confidence in my public speaking skills as well as my ability to answer questions regarding dental health. In addition to this, it was also amazing to see the work that the Dental Playbox® team is offering by having the chance to observe one of the sessions with the children. I hope to be able to continue my work with the Dental Playbox® team, and look forward to exploring the future possibilities once I graduate.”

What is the Dental Playbox®?

We set up the Dental Playbox® Project in 2007 in response to the alarming increase in dental decay in young children. It continues today to not only reduce this issue but also to stem the ever-increasing numbers of young children becoming hospitalised due to tooth decay. According to statistics, over one third of children in the UK have tooth decay by the time they start primary school!

The project’s key aim is to teach young children about the importance of good oral hygiene, healthy eating and to prepare them from an early age for a trip to the dentist. This is all done through the powerful medium of play. Play is crucial at the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) so the project slots in perfectly with the curriculum.

Booking a Dental Playbox® Session

If you would like the Dental Playbox® to visit your school or nursery, contact Sarah on 0161 486 6788 or drop her an email –