Dental Playbox® Feedback is Sparkling

Dental Playbox® Feedback Results

Throughout 2017, Dental Playbox® feedback forms from nurseries and schools where sessions took place were collected by the team. We collated and analysed the feedback to get a picture of how Dental Playbox® had gone in 2017 and to see where improvements could be made. We are pleased to say that the feedback was overwhelmingly positive!

The Positives

  • 99% of the settings that returned an evaluation form rated the session as either good or excellent.
  • 100% of the settings said that the session counted towards EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) profile objectives.
  • 100% asked for us to contact them about a repeat visit.
  • 83% of respondents rated the session as excellent.
  • 80% believed that the children’s understanding of the importance of teeth brushing is now very good or excellent.

Room for Improvement

At Action for Sick Children we are constantly striving to improve and be the best at what we do. For this reason, we also asked settings to tell us what they think we could do better, or what they would like to see more of. The answer was that they would like to see more resources such as extra dressing up outfits, more Small World items, and more games. They would also like us to introduce video elements to our sessions. These are all things we are working on, and trying to secure funding for. The Dental Playbox® sessions will continue to get better and better as a result. We will be continuing to develop our Dental Playbox® feedback forms in 2018.

“Receiving Dental Playbox® feedback like this makes it all worthwhile. I am so proud of the Dental Playbox® team and I’m thrilled the sessions are having such a positive impact!” – Kerry Hill (Senior Facilitator)

Dental Playbox® feedback

What is the Dental Playbox®?

We set up the Dental Playbox® Project in 2007 in response to the alarming increase in dental decay in young children. It continues today to not only reduce this issue but also to stem the ever-increasing numbers of young children becoming hospitalised due to tooth decay. According to statistics, over one third of children in the UK have tooth decay by the time they start primary school!

The project’s key aim is to teach young children about the importance of good oral hygiene, healthy eating and to prepare them from an early age for a trip to the dentist. This is all done through the powerful medium of play. Play is crucial at the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) so the project slots in perfectly with the curriculum.


Booking a Dental Playbox® Session

If you would like the Dental Playbox® to visit your school or nursery, contact Sarah on 0161 486 6788 or drop her an email –