Poppy’s An Absolute Diamond Volunteer!

Volunteer Poppy with Badges

Poppy with her blue, green, and silver badges.

Poppy is 9 years old and she’s the daughter of Dental Playbox® Facilitator, Andrea. Volunteer Poppy decided to help at at Action for Sick Children’s bag pack last Saturday as she is currently working towards something very special; a diamond Blue Peter badge!

The Diamond Badge

The Diamond Blue Peter Badge was launched in 2018, during the 5,000th episode, to celebrate the show’s 60th anniversary! The very special badge was designed by fashion designer Henry Holland. In order to apply for a diamond badge, you must already have been awarded a Blue Peter badge. Luckily, Poppy’s got three!

Poppy’s Badges

Poppy already has a blue, green, and silver Blue Peter badge. She’s had to work very hard to earn them. Blue badges are awarded for sending interesting letters, stories, makes, pictures, poems, good ideas for the programme, and for having appeared on Blue Peter. In order to receive her blue badge, Poppy made a fantastic collage to send in to the show. Her silver badge came from building a wildlife area in her back garden, including a little house for bugs to live in. Finally, her green badge was awarded for a beautiful nature poem Poppy wrote, called A River’s Journey.


Poppy’s Poem

A River’s Journey

I’m shiny and calm

Only ten inches wide.

As I trickle through the fields I become more alive.

Twisting and Winding

Shimmering and Shining.

Now I’m a lake

So powerful and great

Even home to a few creatures.

What’s that gushing over there?

I think it’s a waterfall.

So down I go

Thrashing and Bashing

Crumbling and Tumbling

Making such a soothing sound.

As I flow into the open arms of the sea

I remember just what I used to be.

Poppy’s Diamond Badge Application

Volunteer Poppy at the bag pack

Poppy volunteering with Mum, Andrea, at the Morrisons bag pack.

With the diamond badge being so special, Poppy’s really had to push herself in order to apply for it. She’s done lots to help other people including volunteering at Action for Sick Children’s bag pack. Poppy also took part in our Sponsored Scoot back in February! We’re absolutely thrilled that Poppy has chosen to help Action for Sick Children. We wish her the best of luck with her application!

“I love Blue Peter and it’s a limited edition badge celebrating 60 years of Blue Peter. It’s only out in 2018!” – Poppy Hendry