Meet the Team – Lucy

Today we will introduce you to our Fundraising and Development Manager, Lucy. She started working at Action for Sick Children last October, on Halloween! She soon became an essential figure in the team, thanks to her knowledge, skills, and positivity.

Lucy’s Story

Lucy, our Fundraising and Development Manager

Lucy lives in Stockport, she is married and has two cats, Fat Cat and Little Cat, whose adventures should be in a children’s cartoon, and a lovely dog, named Norman.

“At Action For Sick Children I take care of the charity’s fundraising and marketing strategy. It is a very varied job and that’s what I love about it! I am in charge of creating and carrying out the fundraising strategy and plan. This means managing community fundraising, events, legacies, sponsored events and so on. On the marketing side, I am responsible for Action for Sick Children’s image, the charity’s external face, so I manage all its digital channels. I also recruit and manage the volunteers for events and office roles. Now you can understand when I say that the best part of my job is that you can never get bored! Every day is different and that’s exciting for me!”

“In my spare time, I read a lot. I enjoy books in which fantasy and reality are mixed together. I want stories to be exciting but believable! My favourite will always be Harry Potter! I also like reading biographies of people who I am fascinated by. I find it interesting knowing more about well-known personalities, such as Russel Brand and Marilyn Manson. They had such colourful or unconventional lives.”

“If I had to choose the nicest memory I have at Action for Sick Children, I would definitely say the Sponsored Scoot event. You see, we are a charity that operates for children and when we organise events we want them to be family-friendly. What is special about Action for Sick Children is that all of the team really represents the values of our organisation. Together we organise fundraising events at which families can create beautiful memories with us and at the same time we all participate with our relatives and friends! At the Sponsored Scoot I loved seeing all the staff enjoying the day with their entire families! That is the most beautiful memory I have, since I started working here. I am glad to have family and friends who always support my work, from the Christmas Fair to the bag packing days!”