High Hopes Nursery’s enthusiastic about the Dental Playbox

Almost a month ago, Facilitator Andrea visited High Hopes Nursery, near Congleton and Macclesfield. The Dental Playbox® session went very well. All the kids thoroughly enjoyed all the activities, but what is extraordinary this time is the response we got from the visit!

The children’s experience

Alex, the Dental Playbox puppet, while getting his teeth properly brushed

On the 25th of April, 20 children aged between 3 and 5 years old attended a Dental Playbox® session with Andrea. All of them happily participated in the usual activities like dressing up as dentists (see picture). Debbie, who works at High Hopes and was present during the session, told our team they absolutely loved Andrea. She engaged all the children with her continuous interaction and energy.

“The thing I liked the most was how Andrea was able to catch their attention so well! All the children, despite their young age, listened carefully to all the information Andrea gave them and could remember all the steps they need to follow to properly brush their teeth perfectly! They remembered them for days…weeks actually! They kept talking about it all the time, even at home!”

The parents’ enthusiasm

Double check for Alex by two perfect little dentists

Weeks after our visit to High Hopes, Debbie, who attended several Dental Playbox® sessions over the last two years, was glad to report some amazing news!

During the nursery’s parents evening, two weeks after Andrea visited with Alex the puppet, 80% of the parents expressed their enthusiasm about the oral hygiene session! Most of them were impressed by how well their sons and daughters could remember the visit. They told Debbie how from that day the children paid more attention on how much time they were spending brushing their teeth, how they preferred water and fruit rather than sugary drinks and food such as chocolate and sweets. In other words, Debbie was glad to see that our Dental Playbox® session had been a success even among the parents!

I have attended numerous sessions but this has definitely been a success! We will be happy to keep welcoming the Dental Playbox® Facilitators!


Such good feedback coming from the people working in the nursery, the children and their families, made our day! We are always glad to hear about the positive outcomes that derive from our Dental Playbox® team’s visits. This encourages us to keep going with our project in order to improve oral hygiene education and also to let the community know the positive impact of our constant work.

Booking a Session with a Dental Playbox® Facilitator

If you would like a Dental Playbox® Facilitator, like Andrea, to visit your school or nursery, contact Sarah on 0161 486 6788 or drop her an email – sarah@a4sc.org