The Playday is coming soon!

The UK’s National Day for Play is closer than you think! It is usually held on the first Wednesday of August and we are almost there. This year Action for Sick Children is holding its Playday event on Wednesday 1 August 2018 at Torkington Park, in Hazel Grove. All over the UK, children with their families will be taking part in local events in parks or open spaces. The Playday wants to celebrate is the importance of play in every child’s life. At Action for Sick Children we deeply believe in this and we run the the Magical Power of Play Appeal (MPOPA) project, designed to provide toys and play equipment for children in hospitals. Action for Sick Children’s Charter for Children’s Health Services states in fact that ‘Every child in hospital shall have full opportunity for play, recreation and education’.

The 2018 event

For the 1st of August, Action for Sick Children, in partnership with the Together Trust, has prepared a number of amazing family-tailored activities. The good news? Most of them will be free! Participation at the event will be completely free for everyone who wants to spend a day full of fun from 11 am until 4 pm! Your kids will be amused with a series of games and activities and you will meet our team, other families, and of course you will enjoy a (hopefully sunny) day outdoors!

The upcoming event has been made possible thanks to the partnership with the Together Trust, the Cheadle-based charity that provides special education, residential services, fostering, family support and community services. In addition, our charity has been supported by the Stepping Hill Ward Flexibility Funding and by Adactus Housing Association Breathe Investment Grants (BIG). Adactus Housing Association, that today is part of the Jigsaw Homes Group Ltd, provides support to small scale community projects like ours that are trying to improve the quality of life in the neighbourhoods where they operate and live.

What you can do at our Playday

Here are the main participants and what you will be able to do with your little ones on the day:



The Big-Bubble-Man will be there! Colorful big bubbles make everyone happy! We all want to run after them and touch them. Well, among all the activities on the 1st of August you will be able to play with massive bubbles together with your kids!







Scotty’s Circus will join us too! If you don’t know him yet, he is an experienced entertainer who amuses kids and adults with his tricks! He will certainly be able to surprise you!





Do you know Harry the Kids Bus? Well, it’s not simply a bus, it’s every child’s dream bus! It’s full of colored balls, slopes, and things to climb inside. If you can’t believe it, you should definitely come and check it out with your own eyes!






Lovely animals like the ponies from Elf Mills Carriages will be there too! Your kids could pet lovely ponies, groom them and even have a ride on the carriage!





LifeLEISURE will join us too to promote healthy living and provide activities for kids to take part in. Together we all want you to have a fabulous day to remember with your families!

To conclude our list, of course the Dental Playbox® Team from Action for Sick Children will be present! We can’t wait to meet you all! We’ve got lots of activities planned for you such as a Tombola with incredible prizes!