Tesco stores are supporting our MPOPA project for FOUR hospitals

We are delighted to have found out that the Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme has selected our the Magical Power of Play Appeal as one of the projects it will support with its regional programme across several Tesco stores! This is a fantastic opportunity for us to raise money that will buy toys and play resources for four children’s wards.

Let us explain what you can to do to help us achieve all this…

What is the Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme?

Bags of Help is Tesco’s grant programme and is meant to support local projects that aim to purchase items, make improvements to a building, develop outdoor areas, run community events or support seasonal activities that benefit the local community. They do it thanks to the sale of carrier bags. So, Tesco has chosen three community projects that within specific local areas will have a positive impact on the community. Customers will be given a token when they buy their shopping and will be able to vote for the project they prefer.

As a result, the project with the highest number of votes will receive up to £4,000, the second placed project up to £2,000 and the third placed project £1,000!

What exactly will we donate to the hospitals

The funds we receive from the Tesco Bags of Help Programme will be used to purchase Resource Boxes, containing children’s toys, games, and activities that we will donate to four hospitals that

need these kind of resources to create a less stressful environment for hospitalised children in their care.

What is the Magical Power of Play Appeal?

The aim of the Magical Power of Play Appeal is to provide essential play resources to sick children in hospital across the UK (excluding Scotland). This means we aim to assist Health Play Specialists by supporting the objectives of play therapy in hospital and enhancing a child’s journey through their hospital experience.

We have successfully donated Resource Boxes in the past to local hospitals, such as the Treehouse children’s unit of Stepping Hill Hospital in Hazel Grove. Thanks to this opportunity that Tesco gave us, we will keep carrying out our MPOPA project for another four hospitals!

Which hospitals will receive our MPOPA Boxes?

  1. Whiston Hospital (St Helen’s)
  2. North Manchester General Hospital
  3. Wythenshawe Hospital
  4. Macclesfield General Hospital

When you can vote for us?

From Sunday 1st of July until Friday 31st of August!

In which Tesco stores can you vote for us?

To support Whiston Hospital in St Helen’s, go and give us your token here:

  1.  Tesco Extra located in St Helens Linkway, Saint Helens WA9 3AL
  2.  Tesco Metro located in The Shopping Centre, Four Acre Lane, Clock Face, Saint Helens WA9 4BZ
  3.  Tesco Express located in East Lancashire Rd, Windle Island, St Helens, WA10 6QY


Then, to support North Manchester General Hospital, you can do it here:

  1. Tesco Superstore located in Victoria Ave E, Blackley, Manchester, M9 6HP
  2. Tesco Superstore located in Thomas St (Off Bury Old Road), Cheetham Hill, Manchester, M8 5DP


To specifically support Wythenshawe Hospital, vote for us here:

  1. Tesco Extra located in Altrincham Rd, Baguley, Manchester M23 9TJ
  2. Tesco Metro located in 404-406 Palatine Rd, Manchester, M22 4JT


Finally, if you want to specifically help Macclesfield General Hospital, do your shopping and vote for us here:

  1. Tesco Express located in Broken Cross, Macclesfield, SK11 8UA
  2. Tesco Metro located in Exchange St, Macclesfield, SK11 6UZ
  3. Tesco Superstore located in Hibel Rd, Macclesfield, SK10 2AB

Now it’s up to YOU, dear supporters, to help us achieve our objective!

Action for Sick Children’s team receiving donation from Tesco in 2017

Each token given to us will help us. In 2017 Tesco Bags of Help in Handforth Dean awarded us the first prize of £3,290. The funds collected were then spent to purchase 1,000 brushing bags to distribute to nursery and pre-school children who took part in one of our Dental Playbox sessions.



Now we need your support for our Magical Power of Play Appeal project! Everything is possible if you help us!